Enjoy your holidays with White Water Rafting ColoradoFor the…

Enjoy your holidays with White Water Rafting Colorado

For the thrill and adventure in your life, try Colorado Rafting at MAD Adventures. White water rafting Colorado is an experience not to be missed. Plan your next tour with us!

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How to find the best Colorado rafting vacation?

How to find the best Colorado rafting vacation?:

White water rafting Colorado is a popular water activity nowadays. It is the diverse landscape of Colorado which makes it a perfect place for rafting and this is why thousands of rafters or countless adventure seekers flock the place

Clear Creek Rafting & Adventure Activities in Colorado

Wide open outdoors, cyan veil of sky, furious
waves, orange vests, yellow helmets and guaranteed edge of seat excitement…does
all these ring a bell? Yes river rafting is what we are talking about. White
water rafting has been considered as an extreme sport which gives people an
unmatched adrenaline rush. If you want to enjoy thrill ride with your group,
then rafting can be the best choice and if you want to enjoy the water thrill
solo, then kayaking can be an ideal choice. However, these are activities that
have now found their way into commercial tourism and have many takers, varying
in age and experience. There are several popular river rafting spots in
the United States, and Colorado is one of them. Extreme weather changes are
common in Colorado and this is one of the key factors to provide thrills to any
adventure lover. Before you get that paddle out and go down a creek solo or in
group, here are few essential kayak
lessons and Clear
creek rafting
pointers that you might useful –

Rafting :
Rafting includes a big raft, on which as much as 10 people can sit together. However, 9
people can row together (4 on left, 4 on right & 1 at the back to control
the direction). One person sits at the front of the raft to push the raft
downwards to control it from flipping over. Apart from 10 people, 4 additional
people can sit at the center of the raft just to enjoy the ride and do nothing.
It’s not necessary to have 10 or more people, as 2, 4 or 6 people can also go
for rafting. People can even switch or swap their seats for their comfort.

Kayaking : Kayaking is a water sport involving
racing or engaging in canoe adventure involving a narrow watercraft. Kayak
rafting involves guiding a raft while going downward a river, especially
through fast-moving water known as white water rafting. It is driven by a
single person. A kayak is small in size, so arms can reach out to both sides
easily when driven by a single person. The only drawback in kayaking is, if a
kayaker becomes tired, falls ill or loses control midway, he/she might not get
any assistance to help them out.

concerning the sport has been a major issue for many years, but over time,
safety norms have improved tremendously. Many commercial outfitters now provide
excellent training on Colorado rafting
as well as safety measures to ensure smooth sailing. Not only adventure in Colorado, those seeking
exciting journeys can avail of clear
creek rafting and adventure activities in other areas too.

There are many raft
organizers and kayak institutes in USA like Rocky
Mountain Adventures, MadAdventures. These organizations offer kayak lessons and daily trips for all
ages and rafting abilities. In addition to more adventurous sections, they
offer trips which are perfect for beginners as well as families with young
children. MadAdventures Company provides rafting expedition on two major
rivers in Colorado State.

or kayaking trips not only provide that much anticipated adrenaline rush, they
also provide you with stunning never before seen views of the surroundings!

How to choose the best Colorado rafting trip

Planning a fun and exciting trip with your family and friends? Then look no further beyond than the enchanting beauty possessed by the mighty Colorado. Complete with a perfect balance of breathe taking scenic beauty and thrilling adventure sports your next vacation in the state of Colorado is bound to be the best one you have ever had. No matter what your age is an outing along the Colorado River promises to capture the interest of all.

With headwaters of nearly 20 rivers all beginning in Colorado, the state has been the go to place for kayaking and river rafting. There are various half day and full canyon trips operating throughout the year over this mighty river. Some packages offer full day rowing trips for those looking for a more relaxed adventure to experience the Colorado River at a slower pace. Colorado Rafting trip take place on two great rivers in Colorado, Clear Creek just west of Denver and the Arkansas River at the Royal Gorge near Colorado Springs.

Arkansas River rafting trips range from easy and mild trips for beginners to the highest and wildest level of difficulty riding through the toughest class 5 rapids. The Brown Canyons trips on the Arkansas river is one of the most sought after one for inexperienced rafters giving them access to class 3 and 4 rapids with a bonus of stunning scenery. For the fit and agile rafters the wild and continuous rapids called The Numbers provide the most action packed river rafting experience with back to back rapids across the upper sections of the Arkansas River. Pine Creek is the most advanced section in this journey and is not for the faint hearted. So if you are ready to get your heart racing and feel the need to have an adrenaline rush this Colorado rafting package is best suited for you which takes you through continuous class 5 rapids and dramatic Canyon walls.

The Clear Creek rafting colorado includes various levels starting from those designed for beginners which provide excitement for first timers and kids looking for introductory experience through the fun and splashy class 3 and 4 rapids. The intermediate level on Clear Creek rafting includes navigation through rapids like Hemroid, Riverfall, Nomad and Phoenix. The advanced level on Clear creek rafting provides the most exciting adventures on the river with the scenic Grand Canyon in the back drop and riding on class 4 rapids like the Upper and Lower Beaver falls, Guide Ejector, Double knife and Hell corner.

Rafting on the Upper Colorado river is perfect for families looking for a quiet time enjoying the scenic beauties and playful rapids on paddle rafts, oar rafts and kayaks. But if you are looking for a trip that gives you an adrenaline rush, getting your heart racing and keeps you wanting for more thrill then the Gore Canyon full day Denver rafting expedition is your thing. The numerous obstacles throughout, the large drops and the steep gradients gives you the taste of the extreme class 5 rapids and provides you with the ultimate white water experience. This Denver rafting trip is not for the weak hearted and requires the participants to be physical fit, agile and good swimmers. Experienced guides give you necessary training and help you achieve a riveting but safe journey.

The rafting season lasts from April to July and its best if you have a pre made reservation to avoid last minute rush. So just pack your bags and enrol yourself for an amazing trip of White water rafting Colorado with your family and friends to experience the incredible beauty that Colorado River has to offer.