Denver Rafting & Other Exciting Things For You to Cherish

Don’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life was meant to be.” – Steve Pavlina


If you like adventure activities with extreme adrenaline rush, Denver Rafting in Colorado can be a good choice as the city is an excellent place for adventure junkies speculating on thrilling outdoor activities! And when we are talking about adventure outdoor activities, exploring white water rafting is a must! This old American city of Colorado offers plenty of opportunities for adventure lovers to indulge in various white water rafting trips. First, let’s take a look at few best bets in terms of Denver rafting :

Denver has ample skilled rafting commercial trip organizers and training institutes that can satisfy any adventure lover to a tee. In this sports activity, expert adventurers are required to manage a raft fast-moving downward a river. Inflatable rafts which can be easily maneuvered are used in rafting. Ideal for Colorado summer vacation, white water rafting uses large rafts which can easily accommodate good number of people. Besides, these rafts can effectively navigate through dangerous rapids under the control of a guide.  The best choice for Denver rafting trips are: the Colorado River (Upper), the Arkansas River and Clear Creek.

Kayaking and canoeing are quite close to rafting. If one wants to spend some truly exhilarating moments in Denver alone, these options are a must-try!

In addition to rafting, there are other activities like biking, catching fish, cycling and other adventurous activities that make Denver a storehouse for real fun! Exciting activities like rafting, kayaking, canoeing, trout fish catching, Rocky mountain paddle board etc. are quite common in Denver and one can get expert guidance and opportunities to take pleasure in these thrilling rides!

If we take a look at the bicycle rides, the bicycle routes in Denver like Cherry Creek Reservoir, Golden Gate Canyon Loo, Chatfield State Park / Roxborough etc. are some of the well-known routes for bicycling and biking.


Trout Fishing is another attraction of the Mile High City which deserves mention. To explore trout fishing in Denver, one has to secure a fishing license. However, in some cases, a habitat stamp is a must. Here is a quick summary of the rules and regulations of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife :

Adults: 16 years and above are required to buy or carry a fishing license.

Youth: Young guys who are below 16 years of age are allowed to fish without license.

Seniors: Senior residents of 64 years and above can acquire an annual fishing license from the Wildlife Service Center or from any license agent by just paying $1.

Free fishing days: The first full weekend of June every year are allowed to fish without license.

Habitat Stamp: If someone is interested to fish three days consecutively, a habitat stamp which costs $10 is required for the purpose.

So, Denver can be that perfect refuge for all those who love to traverse arduous paths and enjoy it to the fullest! Often described for ‘rapid’ joys, Denver excursions are tailor-made for all Geo-tour trips, giving an immense sense of fulfillment to the compulsive desire of excitement to the adventure lovers!